About me - Florian Eibeck

Since many years I am a viking reenactor doing the living history thing. As a passionate tinkerer I have learned a lot of crafts over the change of time. With much fun I do among other things textile processing, woodworking, bronze casting and the crafting of jewellery, passaments and other costume decorations.

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After many enquiries I have in fall 2011 decided to sell my work from now on. Therefor you can now buy my passaments, bronze chains, jewellery and other small things at my market stall or order them online.

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I write irregular about my work and all kind of viking stuff at my blog (in German). You can meet me in person at various events or at the viking farmstead Ulvengard in the Histotainment Park Adventon where I fullfill my dream of my own small viking house.

Florian Eibeck at the Birkaposamente market stall