My passaments are made according to the originals of the viking time, especially from Birka. During manufacturing I place great emphasis on a close match to images and descriptions of the original passaments.

All shown passaments are examples of the different possible designs. I make your passament according to your whishes and measurements. In advance we talk about material, type, size, delivery date and the price. Please contact me if you are interested in a viking age passament.


Description and black and white photos of the Birka passament finds:
Geijer, Agnes (1938). Birka. Untersuchungen und Studien III. Die Textilfunde aus den Gräbern. Uppsala

Running knot passament from Hedeby:
Hägg, Inga (1992). Die Textilfunde aus der Siedlung und aus den Gräbern von Haithabu. Neumünster (Page 247)